Mum's fury at 'pathetic' school after daughter, 14, is threatened with isolation in false eyelashes row

A FURIOUS mum has blasted her daughter's school after the teen was ordered to remove her false eyelashes.

Angela Jackson says 14-year-old Chelsea Silk sobbed as a member of staff made her take off the accessories.

Chelsea had returned to school still wearing the lashes – despite being warned she faced isolation for keeping them on, the Swindon Advertiser reports.

And Angela branded the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy in Wiltshire "pathetic" for their stance.

The mum, who has two other children at the school, as well as a son who left last year, said: "I've never had any complaints about Chelsea over anything else.

“Most of the girls in her year wear false eyelashes.

"She has been told before not to wear them but I totally disagree that they're a health hazard.

“I make a stand against the school's pathetic policy in relation to this.

"I stand alongside all of the female students that wish to wear false eyelashes to enhance their natural attributes and boost their self-esteem."

She said the lashes don't harm Chelsea's ability to "read, write or learn" – and says it's "absolutely pathetic" the school has demanded they come off.

And while Angela now fears Chelsea will be stopped from going on a school trip to Swanage, she says she'll insist the teen continues wearing the lashes.


"I went in to pick her up and she was very upset because someone stood over her at the basin until she took them off," Angela said.

"I will not back down on this and she will keep going in to school wearing the eyelashes.

"It means that she will be in the isolation unit.

"She has never been in there before for anything and has never had a detention."

The school says make-up must be kept to a minimum, with only neutral tones used.

However, false lashes aren't specifically mentioned.

Deputy head Mari Roberts said: “The school is aware that the mother does not support us right now, but we have spent time working with her and her daughter to de-escalate the situation."

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