Mushroom cook's ex-husband jokes about why he's still alive

Mushroom cook Erin Patterson’s ex-husband Simon makes a joke about what his wife hates…and why he is still alive

  • Post by Death Cap mushroom chef’s husband has surfaced
  • This one jokes about ‘the fact I am alive’
  • Post refers to Erin Patterson’s dislike of photos 

The estranged husband of the woman accused of cooking a fatal lunch of beef Wellington with death cup mushrooms has made a joking comment about his wife and the reason he is still alive.

Simon Patterson’s comment, which alludes to his now ex-wife’s reluctance to be photographed, was made on a photography enthusiasts’ site,

Attached to an article about US photographer Kavin Bader’s project of posting an image of his girlfriend Maggie every single week for a year, Mr Patterson wrote ‘My wife hates having her picture taken’.

‘The fact I am alive to write this comment is testament to the fact I haven’t attempted what the guy in this article did!’

The comment was made in April 2018, when Simon was still happily married to Erin, who is at the centre of the mysterious deaths of her three in-laws after a lunch in Leongatha, Victoria on July 29th. 

Simon’s parents, Don and Gail Patterson, and his aunt, Heather Wilkinson died after eating the beef Wellington lunch prepared by Erin, and his uncle, Pastor Ian Wilkinson, remains in a critical condition awaiting a liver transplant.

The ex-husband of Erin Patterson joked about his then wife’s dislike of being photographed

The comment, underneath an article about a US photographer who posted images every week for a year of his partner, alludes to the fact that Erin Patterson doesn’t like being photographed

Mr Patterson suffered a mystery stomach illness that almost killed him last year.

Daily Mail Australia doesn’t suggest Erin tried to poison Simon, nor it is suggested she intentionally poisoned her in-laws or was responsible for her husband’s three relatives’ deaths. 

He posted on his local basketball association Facebook page, that he had spent 21 days in intensive care after collapsing at his home in May 2022.

Erin Patterson has avoided the media since he initial brush with journalists (above) in the immediate aftermath of the fatal mushroom lunch on July 29

Simon Patterson made another reference to his now ex-wife’s reluctance to be photographed, posted on her Instagram back in 2015 that this photograph of her feet is ‘the closest you get to a selfie’

‘I collapsed at home then was in an induced coma for 16 days through which I had three emergency operations mainly on my small intestine, plus an additional planned operation,’ he wrote.

‘My family were asked to come and say goodbye to me twice as I was not expected to live.

‘I have a big scar on my tummy which is healing itself slowly, and I have ICU acquired weakness which is a common condition of people who lie in intensive care for a long time as I did,’ he said.

‘I can walk and do all the normal daily functions myself, however my left shoulder in particular is very weak.’

Mr Patterson has previously joked about his wife’s dislike of cameras, posting on an image of her feet on her Instagram page, ‘The closest you get to a selfie!’   

The civil engineer, who grew up as a ‘a country boy’ in the Gippsland region of Victoria is a passionate amateur photographer who took photos for the local newsletter the Burra Flyer edited by his late parents and ex wife.  

Another example of his wry comments which have surfaced include when he admitted his two favourite sayings were it’s ‘only illegal if you get caught’ and it’s easier to ‘ask for forgiveness than permission’. 

While Mr Patterson was on holiday with his family in South Africa in January 2017, he made the comments about his ‘favourite sayings’ on Instagram next to a photograph of a leopard devouring a water buffalo in the famous Kruger National Park. 

However, he also posted the disclaimer: ‘There is a time and place for that, and a safari in Africa is not one of them! The few rules in game parks were each created because someone died, and so my best advice is: Don’t die!’

Simon Patterson’s parents Don and Gail Patterson (above) died following the beef wellington lunch at Erin’s home on July 29 which has thrown their former daughter-in-law into the spotlight

A keen photographer, Simon Patterson posted his thoughts next to a photo of a leopard devouring a water buffalo, writing that his favourite sayings are ‘it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught’ and ‘it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission’ 

He apologised about the quality of the image of the leopard – which he captioned ‘If looks could kill! This leopard looked more than a little annoyed at me disturbing his dinner time’ – remarking that it was ‘my first ever Instagram post’.

Mr Patterson has now locked his social media page since his parents’ deaths and the ensuing drama surrounding his ex-wife.

In an article to accompany the leopard photo and others he took in South Africa about wildlife photography for the site @fstoplounge, Mr Patterson provided ‘tips for amateur photographers who want to make the most of their up-coming safari holiday’.

In other articles for the publication, Mr Patterson is described as ‘an enthusiastic photographer who also likes discovering the truth about things’ who loves ‘hiking and camping in the wilderness and … aims to create images that affect people emotionally.’

Alarmed friends posted good wishes to Simon Patterson after he spent time in intensive care last year and his small intestine was operated on after he was not initially expected to live

Simon Patterson, a keen photographer, is pictured (above)since the death of his parents and aunt, and the drama that has engulfed his former wife following the beef wellington pie lunch

Mr Patterson and Ms Patterson own separate residences in the Gippsland region, with him living in Kurumburra where Ian Wilkinson acted as a pastor, and his former wife  in Leongatha at the house where the beef wellington pie was cooked and served. 

Ms Patterson has a multimillion dollar property portfolio partly funded by a stunning oceanfront property she inherited from her mother.

The 48-year-old owns the recently-built house at Leongatha now worth around a million dollars and a million dollar villa she bought in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley with money she inherited from her mother.

Ms Patterson’s mother, noted children’s literature professor, Dr Heather Scutter, left  a house on the South Pacific Ocean headland at Eden in her will when she died in early 2019.

Heather Wilkinson (left) died aged 66 after consuming the beef and mushroom pie at Erin Patterson’s house and her husband, Baptist Pastor Ian Wilkinson (right) is in a coma in hospital awaiting a liver transplant

Since her inheritance, Erin has bought three properties including a house now infamous for having her children’s ‘Satanic’ scrawlings on the wall and the land on which she built the Leongatha house where she held the mushroom pie lunch. 

Ms Patterson returned to that property last week despite complaining she cannot live there because of the media.

In a lengthy statement, Ms Patterson said she was worried she could lose custody of her children after the mushroom fatalities and was ‘devastated to think that these mushrooms may have contributed to the illness suffered by my loved ones’.

It was after the deaths last week of ex-husband Simon’s parents Don and Gail Patterson, both 70, and Gail’s sister, Heather Wilkinson, that Ms Patterson – who has been named by police as person of interest – referred to her own mother’s death in 2019. 

Erin bought the land for her Leongatha house four years ago for $260,000 and built the smart two-storey home where she cooked the fateful beef wellington lunch 

Erin’s million-dollar villa was one of three properties she bought months after her own mother died in 2019 and left her an oceanfront him at Eden on the NSW South Coast

‘My mum passed away four years ago and Gail had never been anything but good and kind to me,’ she said, and described Gail Patterson as ‘like the mum I didn’t have’.

Erin Patterson’s own mother Heather died from cancer aged 72 in early 2019 and left her daughters the house she had been living in at Eden.

Dr Scutter was a Monash University lecturer in 19th century adult literature and a children’s book critic and author of articles and reviews on children’s literature.

Erin Patterson grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley with her sister, Dr Ceinwen Scutter, a trained geologist, and parents Heather and Hugh .

Mushroom cook Erin Patterson’s children’s literature academic mother Dr Heather Scutter left in her 2019 will this oceanfront home to her children after dying aged around 73

Ms Patterson bemoaned her plight last week, telling The Australian  the media attention ‘is making it impossible for me to live in’ Leongatha.

 ‘I can’t have friends over. The media is at the house where my children are at. The media are at my sister’s house so I can’t go there. This is unfair.’

The Korumburra house (above) sold last year by Erin Patterson is now infamous for the so-called ‘Death Wall’ of Satanic messages scrawled by her children which included daggers, tombstones and 

Erin Patterson’s mother’s house sold for $900,000 four years ago


Saturday, July 29

Don and Gail Patterson and Heather and Ian Wilkinson (a pastor) gather at Erin Patterson’s home in Leongatha, north-east of Melbourne, for lunch and east her beef wellington

Erin’s two children go to the movies

Sunday, July 30

Erin’s children eat leftover beef wellington but with the mushrooms scraped off.

All four lunch guests present to hospital feeling ill. It is initially thought they have gastro.

As their condition deteriorates, they are transferred to hospitals in Melbourne.

Erin also goes to hospital.

Monday, July 31

Erin is transferred to a hospital in Melbourne, where she is treated for poisoning

Friday, August 4

Gail and Heather die in hospital.

Police find Erin’s food dehydrator dumped at a tip

Saturday, August 5

Don dies in hospital. Police search Erin Patterson’s home in Leongatha and seize a number of items.

Sunday, August 6

Police are seen returning to Erin’s home to question her. She is heard wailing loudly from inside the house before the four officers leave.

Monday, August 7

Victoria Police Detective Inspector for the Homicide Squad, Dean Thomas, confirms Erin is being treated as a person of interest in the case.

However, he says the investigation is still in its early stages and it is yet to be determined if the deaths are suspicious.

A short time later, Erin breaks her silence and speaks to reporters outside the home. She says she is devastated and ‘loves’ the four relatives who came to her home. She denies any wrongdoing but does not answer questions where the mushrooms came from, who picked them or what meal she made for her guests.

Tuesday, August 8

In a bizarre twist, Simon Patterson was revealed to have suffered from a mysterious Stomach illness in June, 2022. He fell into a coma and was in ICU for 21 days. His case is yet to be explained by doctors.

Forensic testing is underway to find any traces of death cap mushroom on the food dehydrator. Police believe it was used during preparation of the meal.

Wednesday, August 9

Daily Mail Australia reveals that Simon Patterson was expected to attend the lunch, but pulled out at the last minute

Thursday, August 10

Erin Patterson tells reporters she is driving to Melbourne to see her lawyers. A representative from the legal firm later arrives at her house to hand deliver a letter, but she is not home.

Friday August 11: Erin Patterson provides a lengthy written statement to police

Tuesday August 15: Erin Patterson claims she is being painted as ‘a witch’ and she cannot live in Leongatha, have friends over, or see her sister.  

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