My natural 34KK boobs are a nightmare… I was chased out of school and flights & fitting rooms become disaster zones | The Sun

IF you've ever struggled to find the right sized dress at the shops, spare a thought for Anastasiya Berthier.

The busty bombshell boasts natural 34KK boobs that make her day-to-day life an unexpected obstacle course, from awkward flights to traumatic PE lessons as a child.

Since her early teenage years, the 28-year-old Russian influencer has struggled with her "inner-demons" after being bullied and trolled over her gigantic boobs.

However, with 1.7million Instagram fans who help net her thousands of pounds, she has turned her breast into her biggest, ahem, assets.

"Trolls hide behind the anonymity of the internet and fake accounts and continue to harass me, always trying to give their opinion or even create forums to talk about my personal life.

"I don't let comments get me down. I am proud of who I am. I love myself and my body. I love my curves. I love the volume of my chest, my hips and my waist."



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Having moved from Moscow to Dubai, Anastasiya loves nothing more than a bit of retail therapy, but admits changing rooms have become a disaster zone.

She said: "I've sometimes needed assistance from fitting room attendants. It's especially frustrating when garments tear around the bust area and then I must pay for them.

"Regular lingerie stores aren't an option for me as they never have my size, so I resort to specialised online stores.

"The challenge lies in finding adequately sized wires, leading me to opt for custom-made solutions."

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Troubled childhood

But the stunning model insists she is finally content after a troubled childhood, which saw her become a reclusive thanks to horrid bullies at school.

She says: "When I turned 13, my boobs just shot up in size.

"By 14, I was in a DD cup. Instead of feeling lucky, I felt super embarrassed, especially during physical education.

"Simple things like jogging were hard – my breasts were so heavy."

During her teens, Anastasiya faced severe ridicule from her schoolmates. 

Most of the jeers and mockery came from boys, but even some girls exhibited extreme jealousy.

One girl reportedly chased Anastasiya down the school corridor with a knife, threatening to cut off her breasts.

"It led me to a horrible depression," she says.

Reclusive years

The mounting pressure and emotional turmoil forced Anastasiya to quit school altogether.

For the remaining three years of her education, she was home-schooled and often locked herself in her room playing video games.

She says: "I was lonely growing up, but that changed when I discovered communities of women on social media who were celebrating their diverse body types.

"Their stories helped me see my own beauty and my own worth."

Inspired by the self-confidence of others, Anastasiya, who worked as a graphic designer and content writer before becoming a model, began chronicling her journey on social media as well.

She said: "I started my Instagram page in 2018 as a professional account for my artwork but then began uploading pictures of me in swimwear.

"The images attracted the attention of influencers, who reposted my pictures.

"My page started to grow fast, gaining over 510,000 followers in just two years."

Fans around the world

Now boasting over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Anastasiya has transformed what she once viewed as a "flaw" into a money-making machine.

In addition to modelling gigs, fans pay for snaps on subscription websites like OnlyFans, which have earned her thousands of pounds.

But her new jet-setting life can come with drawbacks, of course.

The influencer previously revealed how long-distance flights can be a particular nightmare – forcing her to upgrade her tickets.

She said: "I always fly business or first class, especially for a long flight. This is because you can unfold the chair and stretch your back. Also, I prefer more privacy.

"My breasts have caused clumsy accidents – it's so awkward.

"I always crush things on the table with them! I've also accidentally hit people with them when I'm out shopping and knocked things over."

The curvaceous model also admitted wardrobe malfunctions were a constant nightmare too.

In one extreme circumstance, Anastasiya revealed her chest nearly caused a car crash.

She said: "I went horseback riding and decided to wear a very open top.



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"Everything was fine until the horse ran, and my breasts just fell out! I didn't expect that, and I couldn't fix it fast because the horse was speeding, and I was holding it.

"At the same time, a car was passing by us, and the driver got so shocked that he almost lost control of the vehicle… It was so close to a very bad accident."

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