Neighbours fume over 'passive aggressive' note stuck to every door on street – everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

RESIDENTS of a Scottish street have been left fuming after a 'passive-aggressive' not was stuck to every door in the road.

The message was a complaint about one of the neighbours playing the trumpet at lunchtime and was delivered to every house on Lorne Street, Edinburgh in an attempt to get it to the mystery musician.

The outrage note was addressed to "the trumpeter who moved into a flat around here in July and has been playing disturbing dissonant music every lunchtime since".

It said: "You are very talented yes, but please be aware that your daily practice can be heard by every person in the courtyard of our buildings. 100+ people, some of which work at home and would like to not be forced to listen to your chromatic scales reverbing off the walls and into the brains every time they are having lunch."

It also asked a list of the people who might be particularly affected by the music.

This included chronically ill people who are "already in enough pain" and babies and night shift-workers.


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The author added that many people were already "demented from the sounds of the never-ending tram works".

They continued: "Please consider the people you live around and buy a muffler or practice in a sound proofed room."

Locals took to social media to express their annoyance at the rude letter.

Many dismissed the sound proofing idea as "insanely expensive".

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One said: "If you don’t like other people’s noise…go live in a bungalow not a stair!

"Playing an instrument is a wonderful talent!"

Another joked: "Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected…the brass neck of them!"

Others said that they were relieved the trumpeter plays at lunchtime and not in the middle of the night, while some jokingly admitted they were the musician in true Spartacus fashion.

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The resident who first posted the note is actually partially deaf and so cannot hear the music in the front part of their flat.

However, she told Edinburgh Live: "They are really good actually – I find it fun to listen to."

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