New body camera footage shows unarmed black man, 32, shot multiple times by cop while he was on the phone with 911

NEWLY-released body camera footage shows the unarmed black man who was shot multiple times by cop while the man was on the phone with 911.

Isaiah Brown, 32, had told a 911 operator he was going to kill his brother just moments before police arrived.

He had been walking along the street outside his Spotsylvania County home in the early hours of Wednesday morning and talking on his phone, when a Virginia deputy arrived at the scene at 3.18am.

The cop can be heard shouting “Show me your hands” and “Drop the gun” several times before he opens fire.

The same deputy had given Brown a ride home after his car broke down near a gas station several miles away, less than an hour earlier.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's office released the footage and a recording of the 911 call late Friday night following public outrage over the shooting.

Brown is currently in a critical condition in a Fredericksburg hospital.

Officials have not yet identified the officer involved.

Having dropped Brown off at home he told Brown’s brother Tazmon he wasn’t in trouble and just needed a ride home.

The officer then left.

Brown then called 911 less than an hour later during an argument with his brother.

In the recording of the call, Brown can be heard asking his brother for a gun, and his brother tells him he wasn't going to give it to him.

Brown then threatens to kill his brother because he wouldn't let him in their mom's room. 

The dispatcher asks: “What is going on, Isaiah? What is the problem?”

Brown responds: “I'm about to kill my brother,” adding “Somebody needs to come here real quick.”

The dispatcher asks: “Do you understand that you just threatened to kill your brother on a recorded line on 911?”

When asked by the 911 operator if he had a gun, Brown initially replies “Yup” but later says he isn’t carrying.

Then it appears Brown walks outside the property and sirens can be heard in the background.

Less than 30 seconds before the deputy fires at Brown, he repeats to the operator he does not have a gun.

It’s not known if the deputy had been told of the situation.

The 911 handler can be heard telling Brown he needs to put his hands up but it is not known if he followed her instructions.

The officer can also be heard shouting at Isaiah to put his hands up.

The footage would appear to indicate the deputy mistook the phone for a weapon.

Speaking into his radio, the officer says: “He’s got a gun to his head”.

He then shouts at Brown, “Stop walking towards me. Stop walking towards me. Stop. Stop,” before firing at least 10 times. 

The deputy says Brown was shot multiple times in the abdomen, one shot to his left eye and two in his side.

“Performing life saving measures,” the deputy said before the bodycam footage ends.

As the 911 audio continues, the deputy can be heard trying to keep Brown alive and telling Brown’s brother to fetch the first aid kit out of his patrol car.

“I got you, man. I'll pray for you man,” the deputy was heard telling Brown. “Hey, man, stay with me.  Don't leave me.”

The audio recording ends as the officer tells Brown the medics are on their way and asking him, “Where is the gun?”


Brown suffered 10 gun shot wounds, including in his face, neck, check and pelvic area.

He was unarmed when he was shot, Virginia State Police have confirmed.

On Friday, the case was handed over to Fredericksburg Commonwealth's Attorney LaBravia Jenkins, a special prosecutor, for review and adjudication.

Brown’s family say he suffers from a mental illness and there was no reason to shoot him, according to a report by Fox 5 Washington DC.

Tazmon told NBC 4 Washington: “The officer just started shooting at him for no reason. I didn´t hear a warning shot. All I heard was 'Hands up!' one time. And all he had was his phone, so I know he put his hands up.”

The deputy has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation by Virginia State Police continues.

Following the shooting, protesters marched to the sheriff’s office Friday evening.

“We want answers for a young man fighting for his life right now,” said Anthony Foote, one of the protest organizers, according to The Free Lance Star. 

“Isaiah needs to survive. It's hard to know a story when there's only one side.” 

Brown's attorney David Hynes said in a statement to Fox 5 Washington DC the released bodycam footage showed the shooting “was completely avoidable.”

Hynes said: “In the 911 call, Isaiah clearly told dispatch that he did not have a weapon more than 90 seconds before the deputy arrived. 

“He told dispatch that he was walking away from the house and away from anyone else and was on the roadway by himself. 

“Isaiah was on the phone with 911 at the time of the shooting and the officer mistook a cordless house phone for a gun.

“There is no indication that Isaiah did anything other than comply with dispatch's orders and raised his hands with the phone in his hand as instructed.”

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