NFL star Chad Wheeler 'forced fingers down girlfriend's throat' and 'strangled her into unconsciousness' during attack

NFL star Chad Wheeler forced his fingers down his girlfriend's throat and strangled her unconscious, a disturbing police report claims.

The harrowing details were revealed after the Seattle Seahawks player, 27, was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this week.

Charging documents seen by CrimeOnline allege the 6ft 7in, 310lbs offensive lineman battered his girlfriend unconscious twice and left her for dead.

The papers allege: “At one point, the defendant forced his fingers into the victim’s mouth and down her throat, and then crushed his hand down over her nose and mouth, all while continuing to squeeze her throat with his other hand,.”

When the victim tried to roll away, Wheeler “violently grab[bed] her right arm and rip[ped] her body back toward him”, the papers claim.

She lost consciousness and briefly regained it – at which point Wheeler “strangled her back into unconsciousness”, prosecutors alleged.

When she woke, the woman “observed the defendant come back into the [bedroom] and calmly, with surprise, remark ‘oh, you’re alive,'” according to the documents.

She said she she fled to the bathroom where she texted family members including Wheeler's father urging them to call 911.

She could then hear Wheeler speaking to his dad on the phone and telling him he was "just chilling", the court papers claim.

Police forced their way in after Wheeler barricaded himself in the bathroom, the papers say.

Being zapped with a taser had "little effect" on him as he "tensed his muscles and refused to allow himself to be detained".

The woman was treated in hospital for a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder, as well as swelling and cuts on her face which investigators believe may have been sustained when she was unconscious, Crimeonline reports.

She also had lesions on her neck in the shape of fingerprints, and a scan showed she had breathed in fluid.

“Over the next day, she vomited large amounts of blood,” prosecutors wrote.

Wheeler, who was freed on $40,000 bail, apologised in a series of tweets on Wednesday and also said he was temporarily quitting the NFL.

He said: “Events happened over the weekend that transpired from a manic episode.

"It is time for me to walk away from football and get the help I need to never again pose a threat to another.

“I cannot express my sorrow or remorse enough. I am truly ashamed."

The Seahawks condemned the attack and said Wheeler was a free agent and "no longer with the them.

After his arrest in Kent, Washington state, a police report claimed he attacked her after she after she "refused to bow down to him".

Court documents said he "strangled, suffocated and beat the victim into unconsciousness – twice – both times leaving her for dead as blood poured from her nose and mouth and into her stomach and lungs."

The girlfriend told police Wheeler had been in a "dark place", and had shaved his head which she found alarming.

Text messages she allegedly sent after the attack claimed he was "cold" and that "he thought I was dead on my bed and continued to eat dinner".

"When I ran into the bathroom, he said, ‘Wow, you’re still alive’ while sipping on a smoothie,” another text says.

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