Now Just Stop Oil hit the north launching slow walk through Leeds

Now Just Stop Oil hit the north: Eco-clowns launch slow walk through the streets of Leeds

  • Throughout summer the eco activists have caused disruption on London roads 

Just Stop Oil decided to take on the North of the country today, staging a slow march on the streets of Leeds.

Around 30 eco activists started walking from the city centre before moving onto a dual carriageway, blocking motorists trying to access parts of the M6. 

The action is just the latest in a series of stunts the group has been holding over the summer, from slow marches across the capital to disrupting global sports events, such as Wimbledon, and renowned occasions such as the Proms.

The group has been demanding the Government to cease granting licences for new oil and gas projects immediately, fearing the climate crisis will ‘spiral out of control’.

One passerby who spotted the group of eco-warriors wrote on X, formally known as Twitter: ‘There is a Just Stop Oil protest in Leeds. About 20 protestors marching and around 50 police officers and multiple cars & vans with them. Slightly excessive.’

The protesters donned their signature orange hi-vis jackets as they blocked vehicles, holding huge Just Stop Oil banners. 

Just Stop Oil decided to take on the North of the country today, staging a slow march on the streets of Leeds

One of the activists at the march was grandmother Katie. She shouted through the megaphone: ‘I’m here because I don’t see any other option. Our Government is not listening to sense, they are not listening to their own science advisors who say we cannot be burning fuel way into the future.

‘I am here because I have grandchildren and I cannot see a livable future for my grandchildren if we do continue to burn fossil fuels and I am terrified for them.’

Meanwhile, Greg Sculthorpe from Doncaster, also marched today said: ‘This isn’t about hugging trees, this is about having enough food to feed your starving children, this is about keeping them safe when people are fighting for food. We need to resist new oil and gas while we still can.

‘We’ve had enough of this government’s lies. We all know that we cannot continue adding carbon into the atmosphere without consequence.’

Most of the eco-clowns marches to date have been held throughout the capital often prompting a fierce reaction from angry commuters. 

Last month, the group promised to ‘paralyse London’ by holding huge marching columns bigger than anything they have done before.

And they have now vowed to bring chaos to Premier League matches as the football season returns, plotting to bring chaos each week by invading pitches and gluing themselves to goal posts. 

The environmental protesters are reportedly planning to slow march ahead of traffic from fans around football stadiums before they storm pitches for ‘maximum impact’ 

The campaign group have disrupted many other sporting events, but one its leaders told followers ‘The Prem’s our Holy Grail, we’re going for it’, the Sun reported. 

Over the summer, eco activists chucked jigsaw pieces onto a court at Wimbledon and threw orange powder into the air during the second Ashes test match. 

Daniel Knorr, 21, a biochemistry student from Oxford, was tackled by England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow when the pitch invaders ran on to the famous cricket ground on June 28.

Bairstow carried Knorr across the outfield to cheers from the crowd and was praised by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his actions.

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