NYC schools cancel Columbus for ‘Indigenous’ Day, add Juneteenth as holiday

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New York City schools have canceled the Columbus Day holiday, replacing it with an Indigenous Peoples’ Day, while also making Juneteenth a school holiday and getting rid of snow days altogether.

The city Department of Education called Oct. 11 “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in the 2021-2022 calendar it posted on its website Tuesday, flagging the beginning and end dates for the school year as well as winter and spring recesses but not the big changes within in a tweet.

The move, which was announced, however, in a press release to education beat reporters, officially cancels for school kid recognition what remains a federal, state and city holiday on the second Monday in October — although the Indigenous Peoples’ holiday will give students and teachers the same day off.

In another first, the schools will be closed on June 20 in observation of Juneteenth, which celebrates the day in 1865 that black slaves in Texas were informed of their freedom.

The 2021-2022 school year will also spell the end of the “snow day,” according to the calendar. After a year of remote learning because of COVID-19, the DOE said “students and families should plan on participating in remote learning.”

Education officials had not previously announced their plans to nix Columbus Day.

Councilmen Joe Borelli and Steve Mateo and US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis — all Republicans from Staten Island — blasted the apparently woke decision, which they said “came as a shock to parents.”

“There is nothing wrong with celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, but doing so at the expense of a day that celebrates Italian American culture and history is downright insulting,” Borelli said.

“Doing it under the rate only adds to the cowardice now regularly on display by the woke left,” he added.

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