Ohio dog in shelter over 2,555 days finally finds his forever home: 'Flip is a very loving dog'

Lake Humane Society

After spending years in the shelter system, Flip the dog has a forever home.

On Sept. 16, PEOPLE shared the black-and-white dog’s story. At that time, the 7-year-old rescue pooch had spent over 2,555 days in Ohio shelters waiting to be adopted.

Jennifer Schorr, the associate director of the education division at the Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, heard about Flip’s situation through a Facebook post. Having lost her beloved German Shepherd to illness a few months ago, Schorr wasn’t looking to adopt a new dog right away.

“But when I saw Flip, he melted my heart, and his story melted it even more,” Schorr told PEOPLE, adding that she knew she wanted her next pet to be an older dog “that needed some TLC.”

Enamored with Flip’s sweet face, Schorr reached out to Lake Humane Society to ask about adopting the dog, who was in a foster home at the time. The shelter told Schorr that they didn’t know much about Flip’s history, except that he spent time at a shelter in Youngstown and likely experienced abuse early in his life.

Jennifer Schorr

To ensure that Flip and Schorr would be a good fit, Lake Humane Society asked Schorr to visit the canine, so she made the 3-hour drive to the shelter to meet Flip face to face.

“They told me he might not warm up to me at first, but it was just the opposite. He came and sat next to me, and he even gave me kisses,” Schorr said of her introduction to Flip.

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After this first adorable interaction, Schorr met with Flip again and then had the dog visit her house in Pataskala, Ohio.

“Flip trotted right in and made himself at home!” Schorr said.

Jennifer Schorr

Schorr’s residence is now officially Flip’s home, and the pup has continued to amaze his new owner with his warm, welcoming personality.

“Flip is a very loving dog and loves to cuddle on the couch with you,” Flip’s pet parent shared.

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And while Flip is still nervous about some new things, Schorr is content to “go slow” with the dog and let him adapt to home life at his own speed.

“We take walks around the neighborhood, and he is the perfect dog. He is adjusting very well to being out of the shelter. He actually slept with me in bed the other night for the first time ever in his life. He was in heaven!” she said

Jennifer Schorr

“I am confident Flip will be just fine living with me in his forever home. I love him so much already,” Schorr added.

Schorr also said that she hopes Flip’s story inspires others to adopt their next pet, so they can experience the companionship that blossoms after you save a life.

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“There are so many loving dogs that just need a chance to become your furry friend. Some may need more care and attention than others, but they all deserve it. The tail wag, kiss on the cheek, or smile on their face lets you know how much you are appreciated. It is never too late — Adopt!” Schorr shared.

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