Parking warden ignores note to spare self-isolating car owner a ticket

Parking warden ignores handwritten plea from car owner to spare them a ticket while they are in isolation awaiting the results of their coronavirus test

  • A car owner left a handwritten plea on their windscreen asking not to be ticketed
  • The note explained the driver was isolating while waiting for Covid test results
  • But the car was still slapped with a parking ticket in Haringey, north London

A parking warden ignored a handwritten note from a car owner asking to be spared a ticket while they are self-isolating.

A car owner left a handwritten plea on their windscreen in Haringey, north London, asking a parking warden not to give them a ticket. 

The driver explained in the note that they had been forced to self-isolate while waiting for the results of their coronavirus test, The Sun reported.

But a shocked passerby saw a penalty charged envelope had been issued and stuck next to the note, which had been tucked behind the car’s windscreen wipers.

A car owner left a handwritten note addressed to a parking warden asking for them not to be given a ticket as they were self-isolating while waiting for Covid-19 test results

The ticket was thought to be issued by a parking warden on Friday afternoon.

The polite note left by the car owner read: ‘Dear warden, we are back in isolation waiting on CO19 test results.

‘Please do not give us a ticket. Thank you.’

But the car was still slapped with a parking warden despite the car owner’s plea.

Oli Winton shared the picture of the car on Twitter, writing: ‘Traffic wardens…’

One follower responded: ‘No surprise from those pondlife powertrip weirdos, so irritating.’

In England, people must immediately self-isolate if they have Covid symptoms, have tested positive for coronavirus or come into contact with anyone who has the virus.

 But a yellow penalty charge notice envelope was attached to the windscreen next to the handwritten plea in Haringey, north London, on Friday afternoon

Residents also have to self-isolate if they are told to do so by Test and Trace or the NHS Covid-19 app, according to the latest government guidance.

Certain travel restrictions also mean individuals arriving in the UK from a high-risk country must self-isolate for 14 days.

Britons must also stay home while they are waiting for a home test kit, or a test site appointment and continue to do so until they receive a negative test result. 

If the individual receives a positive test result, they must continue to self-isolate for 10 days from when the symptoms started, or when the test was taken. 

MailOnline has contacted Haringey Council for comment.

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