Pet owner comes home to find his dog has ripped up his new £2,800 sofa

Stuff this! Moment horrified dog owner returns home to find his German shepherd has ripped his new £2,800 sofa to shreds

  • Jaccob Mckay left dog Cypress home alone in Olinda, near Melbourne, Australia
  • 26-year-old went out for breakfast date and dog destroyed his new £2,800 sofa
  • Came home to find a trail of sofa stuffing and wood dotted around the house  
  • Dog owner believes his other small dog Lego disapprovingly sat and watched

A pet owner was shocked to discover his dog had torn up his new £2,800 sofa spreading stuffing across his living room. 

Jaccob Mckay, 26, went for a breakfast date for the first time in weeks due to lockdown and left his dog Cypress at home in Olinda near Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday. 

When he got back the photographer was horrified to find his whole house covered in debris from the destruction and quickly pulled out his phone to document it. 

Jaccob Mckay, 26, came home from a breakfast date to find his dog Cypress had destroyed his sofa at his home in Olinda near Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday

Photographer Mr Mckay got back and was horrified to find his whole house covered in debris from the destruction

The German shepherd cross Alaskan malamute husky had been keeping himself busy playing his own game of game of tug-of-war with the sofa. 

The red leather sofa had been ripped to shreds and torn up down to the wooden frame.   

Dog lover Mr Mckay said he thinks fed-up Cypress, who is 10-months-old, was protesting at being left alone.

He believes his other dog Lego sat and watched disapprovingly.

The dog owner quickly pulled out his phone to document the damage Cypress, a German shepherd cross Alaskan malamute husky, had caused

His other dog Lego was filmed looking sheepish and Mr Mckay believes he only disapprovingly sat and watched

He said: ‘I was greeted by a very guilty looking boy laying on his belly at the door.

‘As we walked down the hall it became evident why he was looking so shameful, with pieces of fluff from the brand-new cushions creating a destructive trail to the ruined leather sofa.

‘His punishment was being locked outside until we could bear to look at him again.

‘Safe to say we left him locked outside when we left the house today.’ 

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