Richard Ramirez interview: What did the 'Night Stalker' say in his confession?

DUBBED The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez raped and murdered a number of victims in Los Angeles in their own homes in a shocking string of attacks in the 1980s. 

Now, Netflix has launched a documentary charting the heinous crimes of Richard Ramirez – and his ultimate conviction. 

What did the 'Night Stalker' say in his confession? 

According to court transcripts released at Richard Ramirez’s trial, the vicious serial killer confessed his crimes to police shortly after his arrest.

Ramirez, who was 26 at the time, reportedly broke down in front of cops and said he was controlled by Satan before saying he wished he had been shot dead during his capture, UPI reported during the Night Stalker’s trial. 

Ramirez told police robbery-homicide detective George Thomas: “I did it, you know. You guys got me, the Stalker.

“Of course I did it. You know that I am a killer. So what. Give me your gun. I'll take care of myself.

“You should. I am a killer. So shoot me. I deserve to die.”

The self-proclaimed Satanist then said: “You think I'm crazy. But you don't know Satan” before laughing and repeatedly banging his head on the table.

When was Richard Ramirez arrested? 

Richard Ramirez was captured on August 31, 1985 after an extended chase. 

Unaware he had become the lead story in every major newspaper, Ramirez had taken a bus to Tucson, Arizona to see his brother.

After failing to meet his brother, the killer returned to Los Angeles and walked into a convenience store near the bus terminal. 

There, Ramirez noticed a terrified group of Mexican women calling him “el matador” or “the killer”. 

It was then that Ramirez saw his face on the front pages of papers stuffed into the newspaper rack and fled the shop in a panic. 

Ramirez sprinted across the Santa Ana Freeway where he tried to carjack a woman but was chased away by bystanders. 

He was pursued by a group of people and attempted two more carjackings before he was eventually caught by a group of locals. 

One had hit him over the head with a metal bar – and the group beat him until police arrived and took Ramirez into custody. 

How many people did Richard Ramirez kill? 

The serial killer and rapist murdered at least 13 people between June 1984 and June 1985. 

Ramirez was also convicted of the attempted murders of five more people as well as of several counts of sexual assault and of burglary.

When did Richard Ramirez die?

Ramirez died of complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California, on June 7, 2013.

He had also been affected by "chronic substance abuse and chronic hepatitis C viral infection".

At 53 years old, he had been on death row for more than 23 years.


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