Road rage pensioners come to blows in Morrison's car park brawl

Road rage pensioners come to blows in Morrison’s car park brawl before stunned shoppers break it up

  • OAP punch-up exploded suddenly in Waterglade Retail Park, in Clacton
  • The wrinkly ruckus unfolded in the car park of Morrisons supermarket
  • Elderly aggro started with just pushing but soon escalated to full-on punches
  • Witness said wife of one of the fighters defused the situation with calm words
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Two pensioners who had been shopping at supermarket Morrisons exploded into a violent brawl that spilled over a car bonnet.

The hard-hitting OAPs started throwing punches outside a branch of the popular groceries store.

Both men were in their 60s but described by onlookers at the Waterglade Retail Park, in Clacton, as being ‘quite agile’.

The sparing sexagenarians’ blows were so rapid and animated people nearby started filming them on their mobile phones.

It is not clear when the wrinkly rampage happened but footage only emerged today in a local newspaper.

The older combatant’s wife is understood to have broken up the car park pasting before things got too vicious.

Witness Lewis Goldsmith, 31, had only been at the shop to buy baby formula so had been stunned to discover the old-age ruckus.

There was little hint of what was to come before the fight suddenly started in the car park

But shouting started between the two elderly gentlemen and fists were suddenly flying

He told the Clacton Gazette:  ‘I was behind the older guy waiting for him to move as he had just stopped and seemed to not notice he was stationed across a junction.

‘Then when the other chap approached that blocked junction he started making hand gestures suggesting he could not get out.

‘He then stepped out of the car to show the elderly fellow the road markings and that he needed to move – but then he got out and started shouting.

‘I never expected the shove and punches but given their age I thought I had to get out and prevent one of them falling or hitting their heads – turns out one was quite agile.’

The fight spiralled into car bonnet territory as the punching started in the car park

A lady – believed to be one of their wives – chastised one of the men and the fight was ended

The fight started with shoving and pushing, but escalated into something more physical within moments.

The beige-dressed gentleman pushed the red-clad man onto the bonnet and then began punching.

Mr Goldsmith added: ‘I think they will both regret it but not nobody was hurt.

‘Clearly no matter the age, boys will be boys.’

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