Shocking moment suspect, 28, shoots at Georgia police officers

Wild moment man, 28, opens fire and shoots three Georgia police officers with AK-47 before cops return fire and kill him

  • The new dashcam video shows police officers approaching the suspects
  • Pier Shelton, 28, then fired upon the cops with an AK-47, leading to an exchange of gunfire that took his life and left several cops wounded 
  • Shelton’s cousin, Aaron, was arrested and faces several charges
  • The incident began Monday morning with a high-speed police chase
  • One of the suspects fired at the chasing officers from the passenger window
  • Ultimately, three officers were injured, two of whom were quickly released
  • One of the officers was shot in the head, however, and remains hospitalized 

New dashcam footage shows the shocking moment one of the suspects in a speeding incident opened fire with an AK-47 on three Georgia cops who were in hot pursuit.

The three police officers were injured, but are expected to survive. The shooting suspect, however, was killed in an exchange of gunfire. 

In the video, one of the officers driving their vehicle makes a turn, then comes to a stop as chatter persists over the radio. A flashing blue light shines in the distance and sirens can be heard in the background.

The deputes appeared to be trying to block the road, before being told of gunfire and an injured officer up ahead.

Newly released dashcam video shows the moment a suspect fired upon Georgia police

Pier Shelton is identified as the shooter in the video, who is later killed by police

After a moment of yelling, the patrol car begins moving towards the suspects, before suddenly coming upon a man, Pier Shelton, standing behind a vehicle.

Shelton approaches the car and fires at least three rounds from an AK-47 at point-blank range.

One of the gunshots hit Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy Jay Repetto in the arm, injuring him, while another disabled the patrol vehicle.

Multiple gunshots can then be heard before the video comes to an end, with two deputies firing upon Pier.

The video shows the patrol car approaching the suspects after they crashed their car

When they reached the suspect, however, he opened fire on the police car with an AK-47

Pier Shelton, 28, was killed during the incident, while his cousin, Aaron Shelton, 22, was arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated assault and three counts of aggravated battery.

Jay Repetto was hit in the arm during the shooting, but quickly released from the hospital

Aaron Shelton is being held without bond. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations did not identify which of the Birmingham, Alabama natives was the shooter in the video, but WJCL reports the shooter was Pier, who was quickly killed. 

The incident began around 3:34am on Monday, when a Georgia State Patrol trooper caught a 2015 Nissan Sentra driving 111mph down Interstate 20.

The driver stopped when a traffic stop was initiated, but proceeded to speed off when officers approached.

According to the GBI, the trooper was able to a precision immobilizing technique to stop the car, but the driver regained control.

When the trooper attempted a second a precision immobilizing technique maneuver, the passenger of the Nissan Sentra leaned out the window and fired at the car, disabling it.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Carrollton Police Department, and Villa Rica Police Department all joined the pursuit at that point.

The passenger continued firing at the police, hitting Carrollton Police Department Sergeant Rob Holloway, who ultimately crashed his car into a utility pole.

Rob Holloway needed to be airlifted to a hospital after being shot in the head. Chase Gordy was struck twice during the shooting, but was later released from the hospital

Aaron Shelton, 22, faces numerous charges in the exchange that resulted in his cousin’s death

The Nissan Sentra eventually crashed near Ithica Elementary School, leading the two suspects to flee on foot.

The video takes place after the crash near the elementary school. 

Villa Rica Police Officer Chase Gordy was shot twice at some point following the crash.

The suspects then exchanged fire with Repetto, who was hit in the arm, and Carroll County Corporal Jamison Troutt, who was not injured and whose vehicle was the origin of the dashcam video.

Troutt was following the chase when Holloway was shot and injured and chose to continue chasing the suspects while other officers rendered aid. 

Repetto was treated and released for his injury immediately, while Gordy and Holloway were transported to another hospital.

‘We are thankful to our community for the outpouring of support for all involved and we continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers for those injured and affected by this horrific incident, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

Pictured: Police officers stand at the scene following the wild chase on Monday morning

Pictured: Law enforcement working the scene following the deadly incident

‘I have seen a lot in my years,’ spokesperson Ashley Hulsey said, according to 11Alive. ‘Watching this video sent chills up my spine.’ 

Gordy, the officer who was struck twice, was later released from the hospital, while Holloway needed to be airlifted to an Atlanta hospital after being shot in the head, where he remained as of Wednesday.

‘He is able to move both hands and feet and hold a cup and drink through a straw on his own,’ Sgt. Meredith Browning said, according to WSB-TV.

‘All of his scans came back with positive news. No evidence of spine injuries nor broken bones. His color and vital signs are ‘perfect.” 

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