Skin rashes could be potential sign of coronavirus, dermatologists warn – The Sun

DERMATOLOGISTS have warned that a skin rash could be a new symptom of the deadly coronavirus.

The rise of rashes in COVID-19 patients has prompted additional research by doctors.

Jessica, from Los Angeles, told ABC7 that she experienced a red rash on her feet after contracting the virus.

She told the outlet that she had the common coronavirus symptoms of a cough and fever, but later noticed the rash.

When trying to scratch an inch, her blood vessels ruptured.

"It just was so painful," she said.

"I looked down, I was getting in the shower, I was like 'oh my gosh, my toes is turning blue'.

"I felt like I had really bad blisters on it."

The patient's dermatologist, Dr. Shirley Chi, began looking at research from overseas to diagnose the rash.

She told ABC7: "When I first saw this mysterious rash, I just didn't know what to make of it.

"In northern Italy there was a study that showed that out of 148 patients at this hospital — none of which had gotten prior medication — one in five had a rash associated with their condition, COVID-19."

The American Academy of Dermatology is now curating a registry to collect information about "dermatologic manifestations of the virus".

Doctors are prompting patients to sign the registry if they are having such symptoms.

The current coronavirus death toll in the US is 37,135.

The total number of confirmed cases is currently 709,201.

However, at least 59,997 people have recovered from the deadly disease.

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