Snoop Dogg lobbying Trump to pardon Death Row Records co-founder

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Outspoken President Trump hater Snoop Dogg has been secretly lobbying the commander-in-chief to free the co-founder of Death Row Records from his attempted murder conviction, according to a report.

The 49-year-old rapper once said he would leave the county if Trump was elected — and famously even filmed a music video in which he pretended to shoot a clown dressed as the president.

But he went from saying “f–k” Trump and calling him a “motherf—ing racist” to trying to schmooze him to either pardon or give clemency to Michael “Harry-O” Harris, according to the Daily Beast.

Snoop — real name Calvin Broadus Jr. — first brought the Death Row Records co-founder’s case to a team of campaigners, including Alice Johnson, whose own life sentence was commuted by Trump thanks to campaigning by Kim Kardashian, the outlet said.

He told Johnson and other advocates how “appreciative” he is of what the president has done “in terms of getting folks released from prison,” Johnson told the Daily Beast.

Johnson recalled the rapper asking her to tell Trump, “I appreciate what you’ve done for some of our brothers, even if you don’t release Mr. Harris.”

“He asked me to convey that message to the president. I was able to convey that message to the White House about two weeks ago,” she said.

Harris, 58, is being held at the Federal Correctional Facility in Lompoc, California, where he is supposed to be held until at least 2028. He has reportedly reinvented himself as an activist during his time inside.

Snoop Dogg told the activist team that Harris is “a pillar of the community.”

“We need more leaders like him to get out and help lead the younger generation,” he said, the advocates told the Daily Beast.

Harris is one of dozens of names suggested for possible pardons by Trump before he officially leaves the White House early Wednesday.

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