Socialists chant ‘F–k Trump, f–k Biden too’ during Chicago rally

These socialists are equal-opportunity haters.

The Democratic Socialists of America marched through Chicago Wednesday night chanting a crude attack — on both presidential candidates.

“F–k Trump, f–k Biden too, they don’t give a f–k about you!” chanted the local branch of the party best known for “Squad” members Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.).

The party “just found the chant for the lame-duck session,” National Political Committee member Sean Estelle wrote on Twitter alongside a clip seen more than 200,000 times Thursday morning.

“The streets are ours tonight, comrades,” Estelle wrote, with photos showing the marchers behind a large banner calling to disarm, defund and abolish police.

The video shared by the party showed hundreds chanting with the large “Trump” sign on the president’s hotel in the Windy City, with the Republican an obvious target for the left-wing group.

More surprising was the attack on Biden, the left’s only hope to immediately replace the current president.

The video was shared by numerous DSA chapters across the US, with the Metro Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky branch calling it “a chant we can get behind!”

“Neither Trump nor Biden gives a f–k about the working class, and we have to be organized to fight for socialism no matter who is in office,” the group tweeted.

Ocasio-Cortez previously said the priority was to “ensure a Democratic victory” — and then try to “push” Biden “in a more progressive direction” once in office.

Neither the New York congresswoman nor the Democratic Socialists of America immediately responded to requests for comment.

Several groups united in central Chicago on Wednesday, with Mayor Lori Lightfoot having said she was “heartened” that the city had so far remained “calm and peaceful,” NBC Chicago said.

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