'Starving' Kyiv civilians are forced to drink SEWAGE water after city was devastated by Putin’s airstrike

DESPERATE civilians in Kyiv have resorted to drinking SEWAGE water as the city continues to be bombarded by horror Russian missile strikes.

Panicked people in the Ukrainian capital are facing starvation as food becomes scarce while they are "made to stay in basements and metro stations" amid relentless shelling, according to an official.

With the besieged city hit by shortages of water and supplies, MP Lesia Vasylenko says families are turning to unthinkable measures.

"People are actually starving without food, and drinking sewage water," she told Times Radio.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, now in its 32nd day, has stalled in many areas, with Putin's aim to quickly encircle Kyiv and force its surrender crushed by staunch Ukrainian resistance.

But as the capital continues to come under bombardment from Putin's troops, with many areas reduced to burnt-out wreckages, authorities have announced a fresh curfew in a bid to keep civilians safe.

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Mayor Vitali Klitschko put the curfew in place from 8pm local time on Saturday until 7am on Monday – only allowing residents out of their home to get to bomb shelters.

Shops, gas stations, pharmacies and public transport are not open during the 35-hour curfew.

Ms Vasylenko also told of the dire situation in cities across Ukraine, as terrified families continue to flee the war-torn country.

"In Mariupol, thousands of people are getting forcefully deported across the border to Russia apparently to safety but then they are sent off in an unknown direction and nobody hears from them again," she added.

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"So the atrocities, they're just the same all over the place."

The strategic port city of Mariupol has been repeatedly hammered by Russian strikes – with at least 300 reportedly killed after Putin's butchers blitzed a theatre sheltering innocent women and children.

Mariupol is being flattened by a squadron of 25 Russian bombers flying sorties over the city every day – with 90 per cent of all buildings damaged or destroyed.

Around 14,000 elite Russian troops surround the city, with many of the 400,000 residents – trapped without power and running water – drinking from puddles to survive.

Bodies litter the streets, while others have been buried in mass graves because the ceaseless bombardment makes it impossible to hold funerals.

Meanwhile, Russian missile strikes rocked Ukraine's largest western city yesterday – less than 24 hours after tinpot despot Putin vowed to focus his army on the east.

Officials claim at least five people were injured in the blasts in Lviv, which is just 45 miles from Nato member Poland’s border. 

Lviv – which had been a safer destination for refugees – had so far been largely spared bombardment that has devastated cities across Ukraine since Putin ordered his troops into the country on February 24.

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But on Saturday several rockets struck the city close to the NATO border while Joe Biden was visiting the capital of Poland.

Humiliated tyrant Putin on Fridat vowed his troops would focus on “liberating” pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Donbas region – adviser to Ukraine’s ministry of defence Markian Lubkivskyi said he was sceptical over the claims.

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