Steve Bing ‘wrote goodbye notes to his son Damian Hurley and daughter before jumping to his death’ – The Sun

STEVE Bing reportedly wrote goodbye notes to his son Damian Hurley and his daughter before jumping to his death last week.

Multi-millionaire producer Steve wrote a suicide note in the hours before his death to his 18-year-old son Damien, TV personality Billy Bush said, according to the Mirror.

Steve was found outside a luxury apartment building in Century City, California at 1pm on Monday, June 22.

He killed himself after years of depression and financial struggles, according to reports.

Damian's mother, model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, dated the 55-year-old back in 2001.

Billy had revealed Bing left "one note for each kid" – including a letter to his 21-year-old daughter Kira Kerkorian Bing, whom he had with tennis player Lisa Bonder.

He explained: “I have friends that were friends with him. Steve had depression with a capital D.

“The whole coronavirus thing was definitely a factor. It really messed with him.

“Another source told me he was very depressed. Close friends are shocked at his death. Sources told Extra he suffered from bipolar disorder.”

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office said the death was the result of multiple blunt trauma by suicide.

Bing was best known as an investor in films including The Polar Express and Beowulf, and he was also credited as a producer in Sylvester Stallone remake Get Carter.

He dropped out of Stanford University aged 18 after receiving a $600million inheritance from a real estate developer grandfather, and went on to co-found media company Shangri-La Entertainment.

According to the Mirror, Billy further stated: “I talked to some of his friends and they were shocked that he moved from downtown to Beverly Hills.

“He was a reclusive guy and then he went to the most social building in all of Beverly Hills, with celebrity lawyers, rappers and all kinds of people in there. And there was money trouble.”

Despite Bing's outward success, friends have said he had been going through "a dark time for years", PageSix reported.

He reportedly denied being father to Damian, born in 2002, until a DNA test confirmed paternity.

Following Bing's death, Hurley posted a tribute to Instagram, saying the pair had "become close again" over the past year.

"I am saddened beyond belief that my ex Steve is no longer with us," she wrote.

On Saturday, Damian thanked his fans for their "overwhelming kindness" in the days following his father's suicide.

The 18-year-old posted his heartfelt words on Instagram on Saturday.

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