Stimulus check update – White House says a fourth Covid relief payment is up to Congress as the money is 'not free'

A FOURTH stimulus check is up to Congress, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, adding that the payments were "not free."

"We’ll see what members of Congress propose," Psaki said when asked about the possibility of a fourth stimulus check.

She then added the payments "were not free."

Psaki's comments come as the IRS continues to send out additional weekly stimulus checks as part of the third round of relief payments to people who have not yet received their payments.

With such talk of Biden's American Rescue Plan picking up steam, many Americans are wondering if they would get a fourth check soon.

However, Psaki's remarks did little to calm fears for some Americans relying on that fourth check.

On Monday, Biden said thousands of restaurants will receive relief payments, but it was unclear if this was a lead-in for a fourth stimulus check.

"Today, we’re sending out the first relief checks to 16,000 hard-hit restaurants with help for many more to follow," Biden said. "A lot more people are going to be employed."

Although many Republicans are against another economic relief package, over 75 Democratic lawmakers have called on Biden to send out not a fourth stimulus check but monthly $2,000 checks instead.

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