Transgender beautician jailed for nine months for barging grandmother

Transgender beautician, 33, who once shoved police officer onto Tube tracks is jailed for nine months for barging grandmother to the ground at London Bridge a day after release from prison

  • Paris Bregazzi, 33, barged into Dena Roneu and Martje Kreners at London Bridge
  • In a separate incident she slapped partially sighted Agnes Page on her head 
  • Bregazzi admitted three counts at Inner London Crown Court & jailed for 9 mths 

A transgender beautician who once shoved a police officer onto Tube tracks has been jailed for nine months for barging a grandmother to the ground a day after she was released from prison.

Paris Bregazzi, 33, left elderly Dena Roneau traumatised and in fear when she shoulder barged her to the ground at London Bridge station on 21 June last year.

She then smashed through the disabled gate to the Jubilee line and deliberately knocked Martje Kreners to the floor on the platform concourse.

Ms Kreners angrily confronted her attacker and was told ‘You’re in my way you c***, go f*** your husband’.

Paris Bregazzi, 33, has been jailed for nine months following the incidents at London Bridge 

In a separate incident also at London Bridge, on October 17, she stormed up to partially-sighted Agnes Page who was on her way to Moorfields Eye Hospital and slapped the back of her head.

Bregazzi, of Hale Road, Tottenham, north London, admitted two counts of assault by beating and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Ms Kreners told Inner City Crown Court: ‘Nothing like this has ever happened to me it felt so aggressive, the violence of it really shocked me.

‘I’ve never felt scared like that, I work in nightclubs, coming home late at night it’s never bothered me.

‘Since this happened I’m looking around, I just don’t feel as confident.

Sebastian Cox, defending, said on both occasions Bregazzi was in a mental health crisis and her medication was incorrect or had run out.

Bragazzi, who once shoved a police officer on to tube tracks, shoved two women and slapped another on the back of her head

He said: ‘Certainly by October she had run out of all medication, she was unable to get that prescription.

‘She reports hearing voices, and still does to this day. The negative voices of her family, who simply can’t accept her for who she is.

‘Deeply ingrained is the trauma of her identity, not being helped by a family who simply can’t accept it.’

Sentencing her to nine months imprisonment as well as a £100 fine, Judge Freya Newbery told her: ‘You hadn’t been released that long from prison and walked towards a woman not known to you and you threw some coffee around and exhibited some angry traits.

‘‘She was pushed to the floor heavily and the effect on her was both physical and mental.

‘Not stopping there you walked towards the Tube and walked to Ms Kreners, who you assaulted by heavily knocking her to the floor.

‘There has been an increase in your offending, including of violence, battery, assault harassment.

‘Of course I have to protect the public.’

Bregazzi was previously handed a suspended sentence in 2018 for pushing PC Sam Chegwin onto the tracks at Hanger Lane station and jailed weeks later for kneeing PC Florina Russ in the chest.

She has previous convictions for more than 60 offences including assault, harassment and shoplifting designer frocks and handbags dating back to 2007.

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