Trump brands Pelosi as ‘crazy as a bed bug’ as he compares Speaker to an INSECT while Republicans try to oust her

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “as crazy as a bed bug” as Republicans work to oust her from her coveted role in Congress.

Trump called Pelosi the name during a campaign rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin, on Thursday night.

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The president called the first female House Speaker the same thing during an interview with Fox & Friends in November 2019.

"But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she's crazy as a … as a bed bug," Trump said during the interview last year.

"She is nuts. What she's doing – and she's not talented. She's highly overrated. All she's doing is sitting. She's not doing anything for the people.

He added, before the House of Representatives voted to impeach him: “And now it turns out that the whole impeachment thing is a scam.”

And earlier this week, when CNBC host Jim Cramer apologized for calling Pelosi “crazy Nancy” during a live interview, Trump told him not to.

Cramer quickly snapped on air: "I'm sorry, that was the president. I have such reverence for the office. I would never use that term.”

The president later tweeted about the awkward TV moment: “Jim, you didn’t make a mistake. It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering!”

During her interview about a stalled coronavirus relief bill, Pelosi slammed Trump for his tendency to give fellow politicians unflattering nicknames.

"Anything the president says is a projection of his own insecurities," Pelosi said. "He calls other people crazy, because he knows he is … he's a master of projection."

Among the president's favorite nicknames, aside from "Crazy Nancy" for Pelosi, are “Sleepy Joe” for Joe Biden, “Crooked Hillary” for Hillary Clinton, “Crazy Bernie” for Bernie Sanders, and many more.

On Wednesday, Politico reported that members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus were trying to remove Pelosi from her role, which makes her third in the presidential line of succession.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is the only Republican member who can give a “motion to vacate the chair" in a move to remove Pelosi.

McCarthy would be able to "force a floor vote on whether Pelosi can retain the speaker’s gavel," per House rules.

But according to the news outlet, McCarthy hasn't decided whether he will support the effort to remove Pelosi.

He told Fox News on Wednesday: "I don't think it's the best move at the moment."

"The best move is to win 218 seats, and that defeats Nancy Pelosi," he said.

Per Politico, Democrats are "already privately warning that they could retaliate against McCarthy, potentially with a censure motion, formal reprimand, or even an ethics complaint."

The Speaker of the House is third in line to the presidency, behind the vice president, according to the presidential line of succession.

That means if Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were unable to fulfill their duties as leaders of the United States, Pelosi would assume the office of president.

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