Two-bed home which is just 7ft 9in wide at its narrowest point goes on sale for £1.9m

A HOUSE which is just 7ft 9in wide at its narrowest point has gone on sale for £1.9m.

The cosy cottage in Kensington, west London, still has space for two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even a tiny study thanks to its “meticulous Scandinavian design”.

The Victorian property has windows on three sides and is capped by a giant skylight which allows sunlight to reach the ground floor.

The house’s footprint is roughly triangular with the front much wider than the rear.

Visitors arrive on the ground floor which has a bedroom, bathroom and study.

Downstairs on the lower ground floor there is another bedroom, bathroom, outdoor space and a utility room.

The first floor is home to a reception and dining room and a kitchen, with steps up to a 13ft by 30ft roof terrace.

Estate agent Simon Stone of Unique Property Services says the space has been achieved due to its “meticulous, Scandinavian design”.

Mr Stone said: “It’s not what you’d expect when you look at the pretty, period house from outside. Not an inch of space has been wasted.

“The lower ground and ground floor have been executed in such a way that this house lends itself to sharing, both the bottom floors are self-contained suites, extremely private, no crossing paths in the night.”

He believes the house is best suited to sharers, a couple or a small family and thinks the new owners will buy as much for the area as the property.

The narrow house, on Redfield Lane, sits between Hyde Park and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

It is not far from a tiny house in Battersea, south west London, which is narrower than a Tube carriage and went on the market for £1million in 2018.

And a two-bedroom house in Pembroke near the Welsh coast, which appears to be just two metres wide from the outside, was up for £80,000 last year.

The ‘Tardis’ home opens up into a spacious living area which widens at the back and becomes double the width of the front of the property.

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