UConn senior allegedly murders two men and flees in stolen car

A University of Connecticut senior is accused of killing two men and injuring another in two separate attacks before fleeing the state in a stolen car on Sunday, a report said.

Peter Manfredonia, who is considered armed and dangerous, was last seen in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on Sunday night, authorities said.

Manfredonia, a Newtown native, started his murderous spree Friday morning in an attack on a dirt road in Willington that left 62-year-old Ted DeMers dead and another man seriously injured, state police said.

DeMers’ wife, Cynthia DeMers, told The Hartford Courant that her husband and an elderly neighbor were targeted after they drove Manfredonia to his motorcycle that was parked down the road.

“It could have been anybody who offered him a ride,” she told the paper. “It could have been any of my neighbors’ husbands. It just happened to be mine.”

Police said Manfredonia was seen leaving the murder scene on the motorcycle.

Later Friday, the suspect allegedly broke into a Willington home and stole three shotguns, a pistol and a truck from a man living there, authorities said.

The stolen truck was found about 6:45 a.m. Sunday, crashed near Osbornedale State Park in Derby, the report said.

Manfredonia is suspected of then heading to a friend’s house, who also lived in Derby, and killing the man, identified by cops as 23-year-old Nicholas Eisele, according to the Courant.

The suspect left that murder scene and allegedly abducted Eisele’s girlfriend and stole a 2016 black Volkswagen Jetta from her home, authorities said.

Authorities later Sunday found the car in New Jersey at the Pennsylvania border. Eisele’s girlfriend was also found unharmed, the report said.

Manfredonia then crossed the border into Pennsylvanian, where he remained at large on Sunday night.

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