Who is Lisa Montgomery's sister Diane Mattingly?

DEATH row inmate Lisa Montgomery was executed on January 13 after a stay of execution was overturned by the US Supreme Court. 

Throughout her prison sentence, her family argued that failures on the part of social services and years of abuse contributed to her mental health decline.

Who is Lisa Montgomery's sister Diane Mattingly?

Diane Mattingly is the sister of convicted killer Lisa Montgomery.

Mattingly recounted the torture that she and her sister went through when they were young and blamed Montgomery’s crime on years of abuse.

She told Vice that their mother and stepfather would “rape, beat, and physically deprive” them when they were living in the same household, with Mattingly sometimes intervening to protect her sister.

Child protective services removed Mattingly from the home in 1972 but left behind Montgomery, who was allegedly still being abused daily by strangers and family.

Mattingly spoke about leaving the home to Vice, saying: “I couldn't understand why I was being taken out of the home and Lisa was being left behind, I didn't understand it.” 

Adding: “I thought they knew about the rape. I thought they knew about the beatings. I thought they knew about the torture that Judy [her mother] was inflicting.”

Eventually, Mattingly was placed into a foster care home with a family who had other children and said that “being loved by her foster parents saved her life.”

She went on to marry and raise two children and lead a normal life despite the atrocities she claimed to have lived through.

When was Lisa Montgomery put to death?

Montgomery received a lethal injection at 1.31am local time, on January 13 2021.

Her lawyer, Kelley Henry, said that Montgomery was "denied a prayer with her spiritual adviser" prior to her death.

On December 8, 2020, US Justice Department officials announced that Montgomery was to be put to death by lethal injection on January 12, 2021.

Montgomery's defense team tried to argue she was suffering delusions and could not distinguish right from wrong at the time.

The execution came after the Supreme Court vacated a stay put on the case in an effort to delay the execution until Donald Trump leaves office.

The Trump administration restarted federal executions for the first time since 2003 over the summer, and has since carried out 10.

Was Lisa Montgomery married?

The death row inmate was married to Kevin Montgomery.

The pair wed in 2000 and resided in Melvern, Kansas prior to her conviction.

Kevin believed that the baby Montgomery had ripped from Bobbie Jo Stinnett was their child when she introduced her to him.

Montgomery – who was faking being pregnant at the time – strangled the 23-year-old before using a carving knife to slice her baby out of her womb.

Montgomery met her victim online as she posed as Darlene Fischer and approached her saying she wanted to buy a dog.

Stinnett's mother discovered her remains later that day, and police tracked down Montgomery the next day to a farmhouse where she was with the child.

Kevin remained married to Montgomery throughout her sentence and supported her bid for clemency, according to a statement issued by her attorneys to the Capital-Journal.

Mattingly argues that if someone had “intervened” when she was younger, Montgomery would not have committed such a heinous crime.

“If somebody would have intervened way back when she was young, this would have never happened,” Mattingly told Vice, adding: “You wouldn't know Lisa's name.”

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