Who is Roger Goodell and how long has he been NFL commissioner?

NFL’s Roger Goodell was chosen to succeed retiring commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

The businessman first began his NFL career in 1982 as an administrative intern in the league office.

Who is Roger Goodell and how long has he been NFL commissioner?

Roger Goodell, 62, has been NFL commissioner since 2006.

He began interning and climbing his way up the ladder and in 1987, he was appointed assistant to the president of the American Football Conference, Lamar Hunt. 

He was working under the wing of Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Due to his success as an assistant, Goodell was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer in December of 2001.

As news that Tagliabue was retiring, Goodell was considered as an option to replace him as commissioner.

He beat Gregg Levy in a voting process and in August of 2006 was chosen to succeed Tagliabue.

He officially began his role on September 1.

What is Roger Goodell's net worth?

Goodell's estimated net worth is $175 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

His salary is reportedly around $50million a year.

Goodell has been instrumental in the NFL’s expansion and success since he was appointed Commissioner.

As Forbes noted, when Goodell took over in 2006, the average NFL franchise was worth less than $900million and had profits of $31million

A decade later, those numbers had jumped to $2.5billion and $101million.

Right now, NFL’s annual revenue is at about $15billion and is trending toward Goodell’s goal of $25billion by 2027.

Does Roger Goodell have children?

Goodell and his wife Jane Skinner have twin daughters born in 2001.

Not much is known about Goodell’s children other than that they are currently in college.

In a 2016 interview with USA Today, Skinner said that her daughters are athletic and involved in sports.

The mom-of-two said: “They play both team and individual sports: lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track. They’ve been on both winning and losing teams. 

"We’ve been really fortunate that they have coaches who have emphasized the importance of having fun, of learning, of teamwork, and I think that sometimes gets lost in this day and age.

Adding: "It’s still so much fun for them… They’ve learned how to remain positive, be resilient."

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