Will I have to wear a face mask in the office?

HOUSING Secretary Robert Jenrick has warned that wearing masks inoffices could be made compulsory.

He said the move "will be taken into consideration" by MPs as part of the Government's attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Will I have to wear a face mask in the office?

Right now, it is NOT mandatory to wear masks in the office.

For people who work in bars, pubs restaurants and some retail shops in England, it is compulsory to wear face coverings.

When asked whether face coverings should be made mandatory in the office, Jenrick said: "Some workplaces are asking their employees to do so voluntarily.

"It does have some benefit.

"So, I’m sure, as with other things, that will be taken into consideration by the Health Secretary and the chief medical officer, but we don’t have a plan today to take action in that respect."

However, doctors have called on the Government to make wearing masks compulsory both indoors and outdoors where social distancing is impossible – this includes offices.

The British Medical Association published its recommendations outlining measures the Government should take in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

"We are having to swallow a very bitter pill of the infection continuing to spread at a perilous rate," said the Chairman of the doctors' trade union body, Dr Chaand Nagpaul.

"Stronger measures" brought in now will benefit people in the long run, according to the recommendations.

Dr Nagpaul criticised the housing secretary's response to wearing face coverings telling The Times: "You have got to more than consider – you have to act now".

It states all workplaces must enforce face coverings, except in cases where individuals are working alone.

Masks must also be worn outdoors where it is impossible to maintain the two metre social distancing rule.

Where do you have to wear face masks?

There are several places where wearing face masks are compulsory In England.

If found to be in breach of the rule, a £100 fine could be imposed.

As it stands, it is compulsory to wear face masks in banks, takeaways, supermarkets, retail centres, public transport including airports, post offices and cafes.

They must also be worn at hospitals as staff, visitors and outpatients are required to cover up.

Other places have also made wearing face masks a mandatory in communal areas.


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