Wreckage of WW2 fighter plane which crash-landed shortly after take-off unearthed by shifting sands on beach – The Sun

A WRECKED World War Two fighter plane has been uncovered by shifting sands on a beach.

The Bristol Beaufighter crash-landed shortly after take-off in April 1944.

The crew were uninjured but the maritime fighter stayed buried for decades.

It was discovered at Cleethorpes in Lincs by local couple Graham Holden and Debi Hartley while walking their dog on Bank Holiday Monday.

Graham said: "I never expected to find anything like this in my life.

“It’s an amazing find.

"I went out there just last week and it wasn’t there.”

They photographed the wreckage and the RAF confirmed it was a Beaufighter from nearby war base North Coates.

Graham said: “It could be covered up again soon for another 80 years.”

Of almost 6,000 Beaufighters built during the war, there are believed to be only five complete versions in the world.

The discovery comes weeks after the wreck of a car sunk on Cleethorpes beach 35 years ago was uncovered by moving sands.

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